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We help our clients regain function.

First Steps Wellness Centre (FSWC) specializes in rehabilitation for people with neuro-muscular disorders. We help our clients regain function through the use of leading edge intensive exercise-based rehabilitation programs.

FSWC is a non-profit organization with charitable status. We provide leading edge intensive activity-based therapy (ABT) to people with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders.

We have also adapted our methods to provide ABT to individuals who have experienced stroke or traumatic brain injuries, as well as those with other neurological conditions.

Our goal is to help improve the motor function of individuals who have suffered neurological trauma or who have neurological conditions, thus increasing independence and ultimately improving overall quality of life.

Winnipeg offers these programs

Spinal Cord Injury Therapies

Children's Program

Therapy for Associated Disorders

Want to learn more about one of our specialized programs? Please contact us at 1.306.505.0440 or to book a tour of our facility.

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FSWC Winnipeg Board of Directors

Executive Director:
Shane Hartje: is an entrepreneur that has run several successful for-profit organizations including a technology company that is still thriving in Winnipeg to this day.
Peter Heppner: B.Sc., CPA, CGA 10 years with a public accounting firm, 10 years professional service management, 9 years corporate controller and 9 years self-employed. He is currently president of Winnipeg Hydroseeding.
Dr. Scott Dyck: PhD degree obtained with 4 studentships and 17 awards/honors. Published 5+ peer-reviewed scientific articles in high impact journals, designed, and worked on multiple aspects of research projects focusing on developing novel therapeutic targets to promote spinal cord injury repair and stem cell transplantation.
Kevin Stewart: MSc has worked in spinal cord injury and Neurology for 10 years at HSC rehabilitation hospital, performed research studies related to physical activity levels of individuals with Spinal cord injury, has sat on Manitoba Wheelchair Sport Association Board for 5 years and acquired Neuro Developmental Treatment Therapist certification in 2018.
Jared Funk: In 2012, Jared a 3 time Paralympian was honoured by the City of Winnipeg for his participation in the 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games in London. He is also the Rehab Councillor Assistant for the Canadian Paraplegic Association.

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First Steps Wellness Centre

17 Muir Road, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada R2X 2X7
P: 204.505.0440

First Steps Wellness Centre

First Steps Wellness Centre (FSWC) is a non-profit organization with charitable status. We opened our doors in 2010 and have become the leading facility in Canada for spinal cord injury and neurorehabilitation. We provide innovative activity-based therapy (ABT) for people with spinal cord injuries and associated disorders.

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